Cookies policy

  1. What are cookies - cookies are files sent to web browsers by websites. They are stored by users' web browsers, and if a user is visiting a website again, they are sent back to the server to identify and track web browsers.
  2. Apart from the information from cookies, the Website does not automatically collect any additional information about Users.
  3. uses cookies to improve Users' experience with the Website, by creating and analyzing statistics generated by Google Analytics. To view the Google privacy policy, please go to this link:
  4. The Website uses two types of cookies:
    1. session cookies, which are deleted from user's computer as soon as he or she will close his or her web browser
    2. persistent cookies, which are stored until a User will delete them. If the persistent cookies won't be deleted by a User, they will expire once they reach their expiry date.
  5. does not share cookies, or any other information about Users with any third parties. This does not apply to the legally allowed cases, where  the empowered authorities have a right to demand an access to the information collected by the Website's Operator.
  6. The User may refuse to use cookies. To do that, a User needs to change the settings of his or her web browser.